I didn't pick up a camera until I was 16, I started with a little Fuji bridge camera and soon upgraded to an entry level Nikon D40 DSLR. As with most photographers who start out I mainly photographed bits around the house and garden, gradually I started to grasp the basics of photography, exposure, depth of field and composition, the list goes on!

It was when I started my National Diploma in Photography at college that I  met a few like minded people. As I was 16 it made it hard getting anywhere further than my home town or Birmingham but luckily a friend on the course could drive. After my first few trips to Wales I fell in love with the place, the amazing scenery and ever changing conditions would always guarantee different photographs. This was also when I discovered the Mach Loop, a location/place that is truly unique in the world. This is a location where the RAF & USAF pilots perfect the art of low level flying around the valleys of North Wales. 

Since then I have secured a sub-contracted photography position for Motorsport Vision, a company that is responsible for some of the largest, most well known race circuits around the UK. Whilst working as a sub-contracted photographer for the company I have been responsible for producing advertising images, photographing Motorsport vision run track days & working closely with customers to provide high quality photographs. 

My sub-contracted position with Motorsport Vision leaves me with free time to pursue other aspects of my photography work, especially aviation. During this time I have been able to establish connections with magazines, Royal Navy, Portuguese air force and others, having logged 100+ flight hours working with both the military and civilian in rotary and fixed wing elements. I pride myself on the ability to integrate with aircrews enabling me to safely deliver beautiful images of their machines at work. 

Clients And Publications:

  • AirTanker
  • Textron Aircraft
  • Thales
  • Royal Navy - 736 NAS/771 NAS/849 NAS
  • Portuguese Air Force
  • Swedish Maritime Administration 
  • Spanish Army/BHELMA VI
  • United States Air Force in Europe (USAFE)
  • Vertical Magazine
  • AirForces Monthly
  • Flyer Magazines
  • Vertical 911
  • Haynes Manual
  • Classic Aircraft
  • Practical Photography 
  • Digital Camera Magazine
  • N Photo 
  • Photography Monthly
  • Visit Cornwall

Here are a few published images.