It wasn't until I was 16 years old that I first picked up a camera, a small Fuji bridge camera that I could chuck into my rucksack when I went out riding trails with friends. The camera wasn't great and neither was I, but I thought we were both pretty awesome. Until I started to look at other photographers work that is... I managed to teach myself the basics as I went along, learning to set-up a camera properly, how important light is to a scene and composing the photo. As I grew to love the hobby more and more I took the decision that this could potentially be a future career. 

I soon discovered that I had a talent for capturing high-speed motorsports, combining this with my passion for aviation to nurture the split-second instinct necessary to produce stunning aerial images from cramped cockpits and cabins that offer no option to re-shoot.
I have extensive experience working with air arms and aviation organisations all over the world, on behalf of internationally renowned publications. I pride myself on my ability to integrate with aircrews; safely and reliably delivering beautiful images of their machines at work.

Through this I have gone onto become the head of stills photography for Vortex Aeromedia, a company that specialises in creative and high quality photography and videography for the aerospace, defence and aviation sectors. 

I have also secured a sub-contracted photography position for Motorsport Vision, a company that is responsible for some of the largest, most well known race circuits around the UK. Whilst working as a sub-contracted photographer for the company I have been responsible for producing advertising images, photographing Motorsport vision run track days & working closely with customers to provide high quality photographs.