A relatively busy day on Everleigh Dz which is situated on the Salisbury Plain Training Area. Numerous sorties by Squirrels who kept away at the far end of the drop zone, fortunately the crews from 25 Flight of the Army Air Corps played ball for the camera whilst training. It was great to catch a couple more Bell 212 helicopters as the majority will be deployed to Kenya over the coming weeks leaving very few in the UK. Although the winter light is superb it is just a little too harsh in the morning for any useable shots, thankfully there were 3 separate sorties throughout the day.   


Next up was a AAC Lynx Mk7 from the Joint Special Forces Aviation Wing (JSFAW) spectacular flying from the crew even re-positioning into better light when they first turned up. Note the new full face mask the crewman is wearing, similar to those that you will see USAF crewman wearing on the likes of the Pave Hawk.