I spent Monday on a very cold & windy Bwlch Exit in the hope of some frontline action, sadly that wasn't to be with only two Tornado GR4 passes but thankfully the locals from IV Squadron and a rather enthusiastic Hercules C-130J crew who gave three fantastic passes.

With the wind forecast it probably wasn't the best decision to head to the Exit as it made it extremely hard to spot aircraft as the wind was blowing directly into my face, thankfully I managed to find some shelter and just hoped I could catch the noise before they appeared. Thanks to a call from a friend I knew there was a Tornado GR4 heading our way and was approximately 2 minutes out, minutes later Marham 43 appeared with a superb first pass. The wind made panning extremely hard so there were a lot of parts missing, even on his second pass it wasn't much better! After that it was fairly slow day with a handful of T2s from RAF Valley and a Hercules C-130J from RAF Brize Norton.  


Marham 43 banked just over 90º as the pilot prepares to make the left turn for Cadair Idris pass.

DSC_4017 1.jpg

Still banking away but this time with the tip of a snow capped Snowdon in the background.


And finally something that is always good to see low level a RAF Hercules C-130J from RAF Brize Norton.