Well a very early start on Sunday after only 3 hours sleep, bit of a killer but well worth it. Arrived at Bidford to find the viz to be pretty poor, so we postponed our take-off until 0900. Didn't take the camera up with me on either of the flights down or back so I could fly both routes, apart from the take-off & landing obviously. Dodging the cloud on the way down was a bit of bugger, flew most of it at around 1000-1500ft before Ben took control and landed at Compton Abbas - bloody bumpy little strip but a fantastic airfield. 

So after a thorough briefing from Dean explaining all eventualities , losing each other, wrong frequencies, how to move into position safely etc we took off for our first sortie as a 'stream' before joining up with Dean in the Pitts S-1T Special. 

The plane below is a Christen Eagle II and was the camera ship.