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Lynx Over Troubled Water

With crews from Middle Wallop on a week long detachment to RAF Valley for training in the mountains of Snowdonia it seemed stupid not to head up there to try and get some photos. Unfortunately adverse weather conditions delayed the crews leaving Wallop on Monday and also cut short their detachment at RAF Valley as the crews have to recover back to Wallop due to the weather that was forecast on Friday. 

The location of choice was Ffynnon Llugwy, 544 m above sea level and is situated on the Carneddau range of mountains in Snowdonia. A beautiful location even more so given all the recent snow fall, it was the perfect location to shoot the helicopters from as it gave a few different backdrops and shooting opportunities.  

DSC_3354 Panorama.jpg

After the 1 1/2 mile walk up to the location we all chose our spot, you can see it on the photo above, the small right mound on the right hand side of the image. We could hear the rotor slap from the Lynx a few valleys over as the crew were operating on a few different ridges and bowls, it was just a matter of waiting. At 11:00am we all heard an increase in the volume of the rotor slap and out of a neighbouring valley popped an AAC Lynx AH.7 and turn straight for us. 


The crewman hangs out the door and guides the pilots down whilst the rotor wash from the Lynx creates ripples and spray on the surface of the lake.


The crew depart as the crewman waves to us before coming back into the bowl for some water locked shots. You can see Tryfan mountain in the background.


A head on shot over the lake before departing, a fantastic thing to see. 

It was well worth the long treck up and down, hopefully there will be some more photo ops from this location again.